Unity and Xiaomi Pave Way for Smartphone Gamers in China

Unity and Xiaomi Pave Way for Smartphone Gamers in China


Unity is well-regarded in the smartphone gaming community for its role in creating new mobile games and Chinese Android smartphone maker, Xiaomi, has experienced extraordinary growth. The two companies agreed to a partnership to boost smartphone gaming for developers and Xiaomi mobile phone users. Unity developers will be able to publish their games on the Xiaomi app store and Xiaomi will negotiatie local licensing terms to increase distribution.

China accounts for more over 25% of new mobile devices activated on the Unity network each quarter. Xiaomi phones saw the largest number of Unity Android game installs. Unity accounted for 5 billion downloads of made-with-Unity games in Q3-FY2016. 

Andrew Tang, China Country Manager at Unity Technologies, said: “A large part of ensuring developer success is providing access to the platforms that matter most. By partnering with Xiaomi we can help Unity developers bring their creative vision to a massive audience and accelerate the progress of quality entertainment worldwide.”

Xiaomi also plans to expand its open VR platform.

via Unity Technologies and Xiaomi partner for Chinese mobile game development


Smartphone gaming is on the rise in 2016

2016 is the year of smartphone gaming. The convenience of mobile games was the key to their initial success. Now the performance and capability of mobile phones means smartphone gaming is passing up console and PC gaming. “Whether it is just casual or serious gaming, the mobile gaming has became more sophisticated than just mere ‘Candy Crush’ or ‘Angry Bird’ mobile games. In 2016, it has been reported that the revenue from mobile gaming is expected to be more than the ones generated by gaming consoles and computer for the first time.” via Consoles Games vs Smartphone Games : A Clash of Convenience when Having Fun

Smartphone Gaming on the Go
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